Date: July 27th 2023 starts at 4PM

Location: Starts at The Bee Shop 1340 Bloor St West ends in High Park 1873 Bloor St West.

Children Welcome

Cost: Adult $50 +HST, Senior $45 +HST Children $35 +HST

Join us for this fantastic, wonder filled event, as we explore how honeybees see. While we humans see the rainbow spectrum. honeybees go from orange to the ultra violet (UV) range. The magical UV range is where flowers can give off a luminescence indicating that they can have nectar and pollen. In UV flowers also show a target or bullseye so the honeybees can better zero in and land on them.

A 30-minute presentation on this theme will be followed by a 30-minute UV pollination activity and then an apicuisne (cooking with bee products) meal.

The evening caps off with a trip to nearby High Park to see the Shakespeare play in the outdoor amphitheatre, of a Mid Summer Night’s Dream where this magical world the honeybees is revealed in the play.

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