Garden Theme Talks with Urban Harvest and the Bee Shop, April, May and June 2023

Garden Theme Talks with Urban Harvest and the Bee Shop, April, May and June 2023

With Urban Harvest's organic seed and seedling back as a pop-up store from April 1st 2023 until the end of June 2023 located in the front half of The Bee Shop, a series of lectures will be given by Colette Murphy owner of Urban Harvest and myself Oliver Couto beekeeper and owner of The Bee Shop on the following dates and topics.

April 21, 2023 5:30PM to 6:30PM

The Story of Seeds

Oliver: How the seed portion of a plant is the most nutrient dense part of the plant of excellent nutrition value. How to get a good seed set in your fruit and nut trees, vegetables, berry bushes, and shrubs etc. Symbolism of seeds what they represent.

Colette: What plants give edible seeds that I sell e.g. sunflower etc. how to plant a seed, timing, depth, warmth temperature, nutrients etc. How to let a plant go to seed, what happens etc. seed germination success etc. Practical tips etc. Phytotherapy what medicinal properties certain seeds can offer from plants that I sell. Systemic pesticide seeds and organic and heirloom seeds fundamental differences explained.

May 12, 2023, 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Pollinator garden design:

Oliver: Various themed pollinator gardens: Solar, Venusian, Hexagonal and tour of The Bee Shop's rooftop Zodiacal pollinator planters. Different options: edible, esthetic, herbal, medicinal or mix living fences for borders etc

Colette: What flowers and seedlings I have that can go in the aforementioned themed pollinator gardens. and quick mention of their aesthetic, companion and medicinal edible properties etc. 

June 16, 2023, 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Apicuisne (cooking with the honeybee products)

Oliver: Apicuisine meal suggestions. Starter:  salad with honey vinegar, bee pollen and olive oil.  Main: vegetables grilled, with honey mustard splash and olive oil. Dessert: raspberries, strawberries with cream and honey drizzle. Oliver will demonstrate three different table settings, placements of cutlery and esthetics table settings for a Venusian, solar and paradise apicuisine themes and meal suggestions

Colette: What flowers for garnishing and esthetic table decoration and edible flowers I sell as well as berries and vegetables for the main portion and dessert that I sell for the apicuisne meals.

Cost for each lecture is $10 + tax. Limited places, to register and pay please visit:

All conferences will take place in the rear conference room of The Bee Shop main floor. 

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