Why Buy From The Bee Shop?

You are helping support a local business, that, like the honeybees, has a high ideal; of helping to turn our Earth into a Paradise.

-You are helping support beekeepers, that help to ensure our nation’s food supply i.e., your food supply. It is important to support beekeepers, as the majority of us hardly make minimum wage.

-You are availing of products of the beehive; a medicine and treasure chest of health. “Where there are bees there is health”.

You are acquiring, for health improvement, products from the hive, which are from the land not the lab! We support and practice Apitherapy; the ancient branch of beekeeping to do with the health benefits of the beehive.

Beekeepers live an average of 3 to 10 years longer than the rest of the population. So, you can improve your health, as beekeepers do, by availing of products of the hive as they do. As health is wealth it is the basis of all our acquisitions it is essentially important to do things that improve or protect out health.

It is important when availing of bee products for health improvement, that you also try and be bee like, that is to say a beneficial member of society. For as the bees in a beehive know, when the collectivity improves, everyone can benefit.

The honeybees are creatures of love, they help nature to make love. So by supporting The Bee Shop you are supporting creatures of love and beekeepers who tend to these loving creatures.

A facet of Apitherapy; that has been called the Queen of therapies, because it is multifaceted and holistic is: emotional therapy or healing with love.

The importance of love

When you are a little child and you run unchecked through the house, you might have fallen and scraped your knee and what happened? You ran crying to your momma and what did she do? She kissed the wound and applied love; the tears stopped and the healing began.

Love, how we have forgotten how important that is, for us, as human beings. To love and help one another, as the honeybees do for the good of the whole.

The honeybees work with love, they kiss the flowers they visit, and they do it with delicacy as they do not harm the floral bouquet they nuzzle in. For their Venusian French kiss embellishes the flowers and improves them.

This Venus superior creature helps to make our food with love. She performs the astounding feat of improving the quality of Nature’s cornucopia of fruits vegetables, nuts, herbs, and berries and does this with a great improvement in their quantity. It is rare to find in Nature quality in quantity. Yet the honeybees are doing it and doing it with love.

The honeybees pollinated horn of plenty improves the colour, size, seed set, (seeds represent the truth of a fruit or vegetable) and the taste of them and love gives the taste to life.

So to improve taste is an amazing feat or quality as it elevates and imparts to us a higher degree of love that nourishes us and can heal us on the emotional plane as well as the physical.

Think, suppose you are ill and you eat a fast-food meal. If you have a chance to eat a home cooked meal by your mother, that she makes with love, already the emotional quality of the food can be highly healing…So to we need to be appreciative, grateful, protective and supportive of the work of these beneficial friends of the human family, that our honeybees do, rather than carelessly, ignorantly and expressly killing them with deadly chemicals etc.

So please support The Bee Shop as we try and support you.