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The Bee Shop Online

Bee Themed Mural Art Tour (Free to view on store's eastern exterior wall)

Visit the store to contemplate The Sacred Bee Mural 


- Timeline: execution of the mural took about 30 days over the month of July 2020.

- Artistic rendering originally coloured in pencil crayon took about 10 months.
- Conceptual design took about 45 days
- Conceptual Design by Oliver Couto beekeeper and owner of The Bee Shop 

- Illustration by Slavka Kolesar, the same artist who has done the art works for The Sacred Bee film series.

- Photoshop and logo placement: Dan Couto Photography Inc. principal Daniel Couto
- Mural execution by 1 Day Creative Agency Inc.  

- Mural location: eastern exterior wall of The Bee Shop 1340 Bloor St. West, Toronto M6H 1P2.
- Mural dimensions: 96.5 ft wide x 38 ft high.
- The cost of mural approximately $27K
- City of Toronto through the Bloordale BIA gave a $5K grant contribution to the overall cost of mural. About the mural

This original mural combines science, art and spirituality to tell the fascinating story of the honeybee. Set in vignettes as in a mystical vision the mural’s centrepiece features Mother Earth with the zodiacal constellations as her tiara representing the cosmic consciousness of this model of the feminine principal par excellence the honeybee symbolically is and inspires. Stars in her eyes show her to be illuminated and a cornucopia necklace featuring the fruits and vegetables that result from honeybee pollination show her to a generous, fertile and nourishing Mother. Further Mother Earth is preciously holding a bouquet of flowers inset with various members of the human family that the honeybees are visiting and inspiring. This shows the love Mother Earth has for us as she has given us a piece of herself that our physical bodies are made up of. Her logo of La Belle et les Abeilles is French; the language of love, for beauty and the bee; the modicum of this honeybee inspired version of Mother Earth.

Other vignettes of the mural such as the honeybee society compared to our democratic society, the honeybees and Venus; the planet of love, Apitherapy; the medicine of the honeybees, dances of the honeybees and the theme of the sun in the honeybees life etc. can be explained during mural visits.

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