Art Gallery Tours At The Bee Shop

Art Gallery Tours At The Bee Shop

Come visit The Bee Shop to see many wonderful examples of specially commissioned honeybee themed art. Our eastern exterior wall showcase's a huge honeybee themed inspirational mural. Like a mystical vision with many precious facets, this educational mural, called The Sacred Bee mural, is elevating art at its finest.

The centre portion features Mother Earth or Mother Nature of whom we move, live and have our being in. Sadly we often forget, considering the way we treat her, that we are living walking pieces of her. 

Here her tiara is the constellations of the Zodiac and her necklace is a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries and herbs that grow in tremendous quality and quantity thanks to our precious friends the honeybees and other important pollinators. Her eyes, with pentagram stars, indicate her cosmic consciousness, as we spin through the cosmos on her maternal back.

She holds a bouquet of flowers in her right hand that has faces of various members of our universal human family nestled in the bouquet's cradling, floral petals. With honeybees visiting the floral visages to gently kiss, nuzzle, caress and pollinate them with their pollen pens by writing words of wisdom in their hearts and minds so they can too can be awakened and inspired to join this essential work of the honeybees and other pollinators in helping to turn our Earth into a paradise once again.

The many other facets of the mural can be highlighted or explained during your visit to the store.



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