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The Sacred Bee Part 1 Screening

The Sacred Bee Part 1 Screening.   This 2-hour workshop features a 58 minutes screening of Part 1 of The Sacred Bee film series, a 30-minute meal that features unique Apicusine (food prepared with honeybee products) as well as the food and drink from the 3 different spiritual traditions visited in Part 1 of The Sacred Bee film. 15 minutes of Q & A directly with the producer and creator of the film series. It closes with a 15-minute tour of The Bee Shop which features the uniquely commissioned art from The Sacred Bee film series.

Not to be missed. This unique, original and essential opportunity to learn about a useful, practical and realistic unifying spiritual paradigm is a must for any and all teachers, professors, pedagogues, professionals in the field of spirituality, religion, theology, chaplaincy, psychology, philosophy, world religions, any of the 5 major faiths, environmentalists, spiritual artists etc.

This workshop shall be lead and guided by the producer of The Sacred Bee film series: Oliver Couto C.E.T. BA Hons. Beekeeper and Beekeeping Instructor.

    The Sacred Bee Part 1 Screening