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Red Dalbergia Propolis Tincture 15ml

Red Dalbergia propolis tincture - 15 ml

Propolis is one of the best products from the medicine chest of the beehive. Honeybees collect it from the resins of tree buds and plants. And they use it among other things to keep the beehive free from disease. When the queen bee is going to lay an egg they coat the hexagonal cell where the queen bee places her egg with propolis to help to purify it.

In Ontario and Quebec balsam and poplar trees are a major source of propolis resins. This excellent red propolis comes from botanical sources in Brazil.

In convenient tincture form the propolis drops can be put on a spoonful of unpasteurized honey and taken orally, or mixed with unpasteurized honey to apply topically to cuts, burns and wounds to effectuate rapid natural healing and reduce scarring. 

Propolis Botanical Origin: Dalbergia Ecastaphyllum

Ingredients: Grain alcohol and Red Propolis from Dalbergia

All of our propolis extracts are highly concentrated, made with 1 part of propolis resin and 3 parts of alcohol (1:3).


According to the latest scientific studies, Red Dalbergia Propolis has the most anti-microbial effect when compared to other propolis. It is composed of particularly strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal polyphenols. 

This tincture is a staple in your home pharmacy!

You can take it orally in case of Ear/Nose/Throat infections

You can apply it daily on your nails affected by fungal infections

You can also add a few drops to your homemade ointments to relieve skin problems and promote wound healing

Optimal use-by date: 60 months

Storage: At room temperature, in a dry place

Recommended dose: 5 to 8 drops, 3 times a day

Bee Products may cause an allergic reaction to some people, if signs of rash or other occur, consult a healthcare professional.

    Red Dalbergia Propolis Tincture 15ml
    Red Dalbergia Propolis Tincture 15ml