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Red Dalbergia Propolis Throat Spray 15 ml

Red Propolis Throat Spray - 15 ml

Ingredients : Red Dalbergia Propolis, Grain Alcohol, Buckwheat Honey*

*The buckwheat honey we use is organic and local, from Quebec, Canada

According to the latest scientific studies, Red Dalbergia Propolis has the most anti-microbial effect when compared to other propolis. It is composed of particularly strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal polyphenols.

All of our propolis extracts are highly concentrated, made with 1 part of propolis resin and 3 parts of alcohol (1:3).


  • Relieves sore throat, irritation, cough, vocal cords

  • Acts in prevention or during bacterial, viral, fungal infections

  • Easy to carry: It fits perfectly in your purse, your pockets, your car, on your desk, on your bedside table ... It is made to follow you wherever you need it!

Optimal use-by date: 60 months

Recommended Dose: 2 to 3 sprays, 4 to 5 times a day

Bee Products may cause an allergic reaction to some people, if signs of rash or other occur, consult a healthcare professional.

    Red Dalbergia Propolis Throat Spray 15 ml
    Red Dalbergia Propolis Throat Spray 15 ml