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Brown Poplar Propolis Tincture 15 ml dropper by Happy Culture Bee O Pharm

Brown Poplar Propolis Tincture 15 ml dropper by Happy Culture Bee O Pharm with the propolis it contains is one of the best products from the medicine chest of the beehive for our immune system. Honeybees collect it from the resins of tree buds and plants. And they use it among other things to keep the beehive free from disease. When the queen bee is going to lay an egg they coat the hexagonal cell where the queen bee places her egg with propolis to help to purify it.

In Ontario and Quebec balsam and poplar trees are a major source of propolis resins. 

In convenient tincture form the propolis drops can be put on a spoonful of unpasteurized honey and taken orally, or mixed with unpasteurized honey to apply topically to cuts, burns and wounds to effectuate rapid natural healing and reduce scarring. 

Propolis Botanical Origin: Poplar Trees

Ingredients: Brown Propolis from Poplar Trees*, Grain Alcohol

*This Brown Poplar Propolis is 100% Canadian, from Quebec Beekeepers


Creates a protective sticky film in contact with the oral mucosa, protecting it from microbes
Soothes throat aches
Relieves many dental and / or gingival disorders (cavities, gum pain, ulcers or canker sores), through its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
Works best in combination with brown poplar propolis capsules in case of influenza-like viral infections
Soothes the skin : adding a few drops to homemade ointments relieves skin problems and promotes its healing

The Brown Poplar Propolis is one the most studied around the world. It is renowned for its many beneficial properties. it has an immunomodulatory action, helping our immune system be at its best. This Brown Poplar Propolis is efficient when facing viral infections, such as influenza.

Optimal use-by date: 60 months

Storage: At room temperature, in a dry place

Recommended dosage: 6 drops, 4 times a day

Bee Products may cause an allergic reaction to some people, if signs of rash or other occur, consult a healthcare professional.

Product of Canada

    Brown poplar propolis tincture 15 ml dropper by Happy Culture Bee O Pharm front view
    Brown Poplar Propolis Tincture 15 ml dropper by Happy Culture Bee O Pharm rear view with dosage instructions