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Beeswax Rose Candle 4"w x 2.5"h by The Bee Shop

Beeswax Rose Candle 4"w x 2.5"h by The Bee Shop is a 100% pure all natural beeswax artisan candle, which is great for purifying rooms or naturally scenting them. Honeybees visit over two million flowers to make a pound of honey and they store the honey in the beeswax. So, beeswax is impregnated with the paradisaical scent / perfume of natural flowers. Makes a great gift. Burns 30+ hours.

The rose floral shape of this candle is in particular affinity with the honeybees. For the honeybee is a creature of love, she helps nature to make love, and using her pollen pen, she writes wonderful poetry in the living book of nature. Her non-harming, floral kiss, results in large, well formed, well coloured, tasty fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and berries with good seed set and since love gives the taste to life and so too, our honeybees, help to make our food supply, in a loving manner. Her superior love, when pollinating, allows for the rare occurrence in Nature of quality in quantity.

Beeswax candles in general, release a tremendous amount of negative ions that help absorb chemicals , dust mites, odours etc further helping to purify your room or area where you are burning them.

This artisan candle be also be kept for decorative purposes only instead of burning it. In the decorative use case, once a month, one can pass a hairdryer over the candle to refresh the wonderful beeswax scent.

Made in Canada at The Bee Shop

To learn more about honeybees, these fascinating insects that make beeswax and help to ensure our nation's food supply, try our beeswax candle making workshops and / or our beekeeping programs (Adult and Youth).

    Beeswax rose candle 4" W x 2.5" H by the bee shop front view