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Beeswax Block 1lb (454g)

Beeswax Block 1lb (454g) is 100% pure all natural and has a multitude of applications. It can be used for making beeswax candles, soaps, lip balms, skin creams, furniture polish, waterproofing shoes, sewing etc. Triple filtered, cosmetic and culinary grade.

Practical component: While beeswax has hundreds of applications, one for example is using it as an ingredient in a soap, lip balm or skin cream, which can be very beneficial as beeswax softens the skin, protects it heals it and is antimicrobial. Also it is somewhat waterproof. So in a cream or lip balm it is longer lasting when one does frequent hand washing or lip licking etc.

When melted down and mixed with olive oil, a neutral shoe polish can be made with versatility, as it can be used for leather softening and protection and the same can be used for veterinary application for applying to a dog's paws for winter protection etc.

To learn more about these fascinating insects that help to ensure our nation's food supply, try our beeswax candle making workshops and / or our beekeeping programs (Adult and Youth).

    Beeswax block 1lb / 454 gr front view