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Bee Themed Birthday Parties at The Bee shop

  • Bee Themed Birthday Parties at The Bee Shop, are a great educational way, to celebrate you or a child's special day, in an amazingly bee themed way. 

  • We have a large main floor room.

  • 2-hour booking for $499 + HST.

  • Includes up to 10 children including the birthday child. Each additional child is $25 + HST.

  • A beehive honey cake is included along with honey lemonade.

  • The birthday child recives a special Sun / Honeybee themed birthday card that includes the astrological chart (optional). Where one has Venus in one's natal chart can indicate one's affinity for honeybees.

  • Each child gets a honey stick, which contains as much honey as a honeybee makes in her lifetime and a token jar of honey (50gr size) from the rooftop hives they will have visited. A honeybee facts sheet also goes in the treasures of the beehive loot bag.

  • Bee themed activities include: beeswax candle making; each child gets to make and keep a hexagonal pattern rolled beeswax candle.

  • A pollen sleuthing activity is done as well. Here children try and discover what flowers the honeybees visited to make certain types of floral honey.

  • Weather permitting a tour of the rooftop bee yard and during the beekeeping season the children can be suited up with protective gear and a beehive will be opened so they can see the live honey bees close up.

  • For Adult bee themed birthday parties please call store for arrangements and details.

    Bee themed birthday parties at the bee shop honey bee on sunflower indicates birtday and bee being a solar insect front view