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Bee Pollen in Pure Honey Dutchman's Gold 500g Glass Jar

Bee Pollen in Pure Honey Dutchman's Gold 500g Glass Jar helps one to improve energy and nutrition with this blend of high quality super foods from the beehive. Honeybee pollen is like an all natural multivitamin and is a great source of protein and energy.

Bee pollen is so nutritious the honeybees avail of it to help reverse their aging.

Many athletes take bee pollen for the sportive edge. Now mixed with unpasteurized honey this blend can be taken directly by the spoonful or mixed into salads, smoothies, yogourts, cereals, honey, toast, etc.

Allergy caution

If you have allergies take only tiny amounts like 1 or 2 grains per day and increase by 1 or 2 grains daily over a 6 week period to gradually desensitize to airborne pollen allergies which homeopathic amounts can occur in bee pollen.

Local raw honey and beeswax candles can also be all natural helpful ways for allergies.

Energy boosting pure natural bee pollen mixed with delicious natural unpasteurized honey is what this blend is all about.

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