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Bee 5th Chakra Card 4.2"w x 5.25"l

Bee 5th Chakra Card 4.2"w x 5.25"l  is a beautiful single gift card of the fifth flower chakra with the honeybees pollinating it.

Made in Canada, Artist M. Courmont

"Bee inspired for your Honeybee Yoga.  Yogis and mystics have said one can hear the sound of cosmic creation or OM. This happens to be the same sound that honeybees make when they are content, often when they are beside the queen bee, attending to her and distributing her pheromone throughout the beehive.

An example of Honeybee Yoga

Yoga means, in the East Indian Tradition, union with the divine. Through yoga, we try to subjugate our lower inferior nature, and put it at the service of the divine part of us that is often asleep. So yoga involves an awakening.

For example we strive to move the Kundilini energy, that like a coiled serpent, sleeps at the base of the spine, upwards through the main 7 chakras and out the crown or coronal chakra to experience divine or cosmic consciousnesses.

Now what does this have to do with honeybees? Lots, as will be explained. Honeybees are solar insects. The honeybees leave their hive at sunrise and return at sunset, for their nectar and pollen gathering. The queen bee flies as high as she can towards the Sun to be fertilized. The drones that can fly the highest get to mate with her. The honeybees have a solar compass and orientate themselves by the sun. The honeybees will send a scout bee out from the beehive, to look for flowers laden with nectar and pollen. Upon finding  one, the scout bee, then sips the nectar and loads the pollen into her pollen baskets and returns to the beehive.

Once there, she excitedly performs dances, of which she uses the sun as a reference point,  to indicate to her sister bees where that very flower she came from is. If she does a circular dance, that means that the flower is only between 35 meters to 100 meters from the beehive. A waggle dance tells the sister bees that the floral source is 1km or more away from the beehive. Upon learning the dances, the sister bees leave the beehive and using solar orientation, they make a bee line,or straight line, for that very flower.

Now if we go to the sunrise and feel our light of the world's golden rays caressing our visage, we notice that the sun's pure, life giving rays, are coming to us in the straight line, which is the bee line the honeybees do, further the sun radiates light in a circular pattern, which corresponds to the round dance, the honeybees do. As well the sun's photons travel in a sinusoidal or S shaped pattern and this corresponds to the waggle dance the honeybees do.  So the honeybees flight patterns are modelled after the suns light distribution paths.

Now in Yoga, if we can attain awakening or illumination, we can become a living candle and as we mention in our beeswax candle making workshop, for those interested in the spiritual side of the bees, that when the Kundilini force travels upwards through the spine, this straight line of light or laser light, corresponds to the bee line. Our spinal column happens to be slightly S shaped, so the upward flow of illuminating sublimated Kundilini energy, is doing the waggle dance and finally this movement of light energy passes through the round chakras, that have, like flowers, their beautiful petals. So there we have the round dance as the chakras represent the attaining of various states of illuminating consciousnesses and are being set in circular motion. So this series of beautiful floral chakra cards with honeybees visiting them is very inspiring for your yoga practice.

And as the flame of a beeswax candle is as close to pure sunlight as you can get, so too with honeybee yoga, we can become a living candle to and help the honeybees with their sublime, noble and enlightened work of helping to turn our Earth into a paradise."

For more of the spiritual side of the honeybees see The Sacred Bee film series.

Copyright Oliver Couto 2023 / The Sacred Bee Inc.

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