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Apicocktail 450gr Apilife

Apicocktail 450gr Apilife

Health is wealth it is the basis of all our acquisitions. This wonderful apicocktail super food, allows you to partake of the medicine cabinet or treasure chest of health; the beehive, because it contains the powerful and potent mix of 4 of the best, all natural, products of the hive; raw honey, fresh bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

All the honeybee products complement one another and this is the best of everything brought together. Made in Romania with the formula given by an MD and world renowned apitherapist Dr. Stefan Stangacui who heals people with the wonderful products of the hive.

As an old saying goes: where there are bees thee is health. The pure all natural bee products are extremely high quality nutritious foods so it is important to avail of them to maintain and ameliorate health.

    Apicocktail 450gr Apilife jar image front view