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100% Pure Beeswax sheet small 5.5" X 16.5"

100% pure beeswax sheet small 5.5" x 16.5" is all natural and has hexagonal cells imprint. Great for making rolled candles. Recommend using # 2 cotton wick.

Educational or learning component: allows one to learn about the wisdom of the honeybees, how they use perfect hexagons to make their home. How this shape as opposed to using circles gives tremendous structural integrity to the beehive.

Craft component: allows one to craft or create something useful, beneficial and educational. Great adult with children activity.

Practical component: allows you to make a beeswax candle or the light that has tremendous beneficial features like aromatherapy and beeswax candles release a tremendous amount of negative ions that purify by their absorbing the nearby  chemicals pollutants dust mites etc. So very helpful for allergies. And contribute to your room having better air quality.

To learn more about these fascinating insects that help to ensure our nation's food supply, try our beeswax candle making workshops and / or our beekeeping programs (Adult and Youth).

    100% pure beeswax sheet small front view