Instructions for Oliver DO NOT PUBLISH


[tab title="Product Bundles"]Steps:

  1. go to Products/ Add Product
  2. name the product
  3. in Product Data choose Product Bundle
  4. add price
  5. go to Bundled Products tab
  6. search for and choose products, Save Configuration
  7. choose a Featured Image
  8. checkmark in Category box Product Bundles

​No other product images are required as each product in the bundle will feature its normal image.[/tab]

[tab title="Creating a New Event"]This is a more complex procedure. See the video for detailed instructions.

[vimeo clip_id=119776749 width=800 height=450][/tab]

[tab title="SEO"]Everytime you do the following

  1. add post
  2. add page
  3. add product

you must add the SEO information specific to that item. Use the dropdown Yoast panel. If you get lost, look at what I have done in some of the other pages. You are ideally going for a green dot but sometimes this won't be possible. This is because Yoast is scoring for blog content (300+ words) not product descriptions.


[tab title="Google Analytics"]To see Google Analytics, follow this link. Then explore and set up goals. Let me know if you need help with this.


[tab title="Yoast Analytics"]To see Yoast Analytics, got to Analytics/ Dashboard. Then go to Reports. There you will see where the traffic is coming from. You can also use the dropdown menu to see Popular Pages. The / page is the home or landing page.