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Green Baccharis Propolis Capsules 50 count

Propolis is one of the best products from the medicine chest of the beehive. Honeybees collect it from the resins of tree buds and plants. And they use it among other things to keep the beehive free from disease. When the queen bee is going to lay an egg they coat the hexagonal cell where the queen bee places her egg with propolis to help to purify it.

In Ontario and Quebec balsam and poplar trees are a major source of propolis resins. This green propolis comes from trees in Brazil and has great antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, antibiotic properties. 

Propolis Botanical Origin: Baccharis Dracunculifolia

Ingredients : Green Baccharis Dracunculifolia Propolis, Acacia Gum, Vegan Capsules*
*Capsules are made with pine tree hypromellose

NPN 80102015

Antimicrobial : helps with bacterial, fungal and viral infections
Anti-biofilm : helps to eliminate pathogens by inhibiting their multiplication and blocking their biofilm (a kind of "shell" that is sealed against antibiotics and the body's defense system).
Specifically effective against urinary tract infections (related to E. Coli bacteria) and gastric ulcers (related to H. Pylori bacteria)
Significantly reduces symptoms and hospitalization time of patients with Covid-19, according to a double-blind study carried out in 2021**
Apitherapy is much more developed elsewhere in the world. In Japan, for example, the majority of the annual production of green baccharis propolis from Brazil is imported and used for its direct and indirect mechanisms of action on cancer tumors.
Optimal use-by date: 60 months
Storage: At room temperature, in a dry place
Recommended Dose: 2 to 3 capsules daily
(Up to 6 capsules per day when needed - 2 with each meal)
Precaution for use: from 36 months (3 years) 1 capsule per day (open the capsule and mix its content in apple sauce for example)

Bee Products may cause an allergic reaction to some people, if signs of rash or other occur, consult a healthcare professional.

    Green Baccharis Propolis Capsules 50 count
    Green Baccharis Propolis Capsules 50 count
    Green Baccharis Propolis Capsules 50 count