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Brown Poplar Propolis Capsules 50 count

Brown Poplar Propolis 50 Capsules 

Propolis Botanical Origin: Canadian Poplar Trees

Propolis is one of the best products from the medicine chest of the beehive. Honeybees collect it from the resins of tree buds and plants. And they use it among other things to keep the beehive free from disease. When the queen bee is going to lay an egg they coat the hexagonal cell where the queen bee places her egg with propolis to help to purify it.

In Ontario and Quebec balsam and poplar trees are a major source of propolis resins. 

Ingredients : Brown Poplar Propolis*, Acacia Gum, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Vegan Capsules*

*Our Brown Poplar Propolis is 100% Canadian, from Quebec Beekeepers

**Capsules are made with pine tree hypromellose

The Brown Poplar Propolis is one the most studied around the world. It is renowned for its many beneficial properties. Propolis promotes homeostasis : the balance of the body's systems. It has an immunomodulatory impact, helping our immune system be at its best. This Brown Poplar Propolis is efficient when facing viral infections, such as influenza.

Its organ protective activities, particularly in relation with kidneys, liver and heart functions, have also been studied and detailed in scientific papers.


  • Anti-Viral action against influenza-type flu
  • Helps fight oxidative stress, widely involved in all pathologies, through its very important antioxidant power
  • Reduces inflammation, by limiting the production of pro-inflammatory molecules in the body
  • Modulates the immune response according to its state (immunomodulatory actions)
  • Protects organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart against strong external aggressions
  • Local propolis (Quebec)

Optimal use-by date: 60 months

Storage: At room temperature, in a dry place

Recommended dose: 2 to 3 capsules per day

(Up to 6 capsules per day when needed - 2 at each meal)

Precaution for use: from 36 months (3 years) 1 capsule per day (open the capsule and mix its content in apple sauce for example)

Bee Products may cause an allergic reaction to some people, if signs of rash or other occur, consult a healthcare professional.

    Brown Poplar Propolis Capsules 50 count
    Brown Poplar Propolis Capsules 50 count
    Brown Poplar Propolis Capsules 50 count