Interested in hosting a honey-themed event or finding good quality honey products?

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Bee Product Info

The Bee Shop is a Toronto-based store that can supply all your honey and bee product needs.

  • Bee Venom

    In the modern world honey bee venom has found wide uses in treatment of various kind of rheumatism.

  • Pollen

    The solar nature of plants that transform sunlight to grow themselves is reflected in the healing composition of bee pollen.

  • Royal Jelly

    Researchers report royal jelly works like a strong antibiotic it kills all sorts of bacteria and microbes.

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Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

You Can Now Book Your Bee Themed Birthday Parties at The Bee Shop.

  • We Have a Large Main Floor Room.
  • 2-hour Booking for $549 + Hst.
  • Includes Up to 10 Children Including the Birthday Child.
    Each Additional Child is $25 + Hst.

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  • Great shop for bee products. Prices are very attractive and a large selection of products is available. Shop owner is very helpful to choose what's best for you and you can taste before buying. Definitely a place to visit.
    Olivier Giffaux
  • great store. i am domingo back soon Great selection . Convenient location . Fresh food
    Israel Gonzalez
  • Good quality honey and Lip balm will come often!