Bee Product Information


All the honeys we sell are unpasturized. Honey is so pure it was found in Egyptian tombs 3,000 years old and still edible. If there is 50% or more of one type of flower in the immediate vicinity of a beekeeper's beehives, the resulting honey is named after that dominant flower.

It is never 100% of one type of flower as honeybees while they prefer to stay closer to the hive, can forge from a 1 - 5 KM radius and they visit over 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey. In additon to naming the honey after it, the dominant flower influences the honey greatly; it gives it a different taste, color, bouquet, medicinal properties (phytotherapy is the medicinal properties of plants) and price.

In Canada our most popular honey and least expensive is clover flower honey, as there are lots of hay fields in Canada. Clover whether from white clover or Dutch clover and some red clover gives honey a light color, taste and a delicate bouquet that in Canada we adore for using to sweeten coffee, tea, various beverages and use for baking. 

When there is no dominat flower present, the honey is usually called multifloral or wildflower, which happens to be the second most popular honey in Canada. Because of the various medicinal (phytotherapeutical properties of the nectar from the wildflower plants, this honey is good for general health. 







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