Honey Soap With Oatmeal And Almond 100gr

The Bee Shop Inc

Fantastic honey soap with beeswax and bee pollen. Honey is an excellent moisturizer it heals the skin of cuts, burns and wounds. Bee pollen adds vitamins and rutin to the skin. Beeswax softens the skin, protects it, heals it and is antimicrobial. Oatmeal exfoliates the skin. Almond adds vitamin E and cleanses. Each bar is made by hand in small batches, using the finest ingredients and old fashioned methods. No added colours or chemical scents, gentle enough for use on the body and face. All natural.

Ingredients: Saponified olive, palm, coconut and vegetable oils, natural almond fragrance oil, pure unpasteurized Ontario honey, beeswax,oatmeal, and bee pollen.

Made in Canada

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